Welcome to Uncle Charlie's Ranch, Home of the Wideawake Spring!
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At The Ranch

Uncle Charlie's Ranch is a place for healing. Upon entering the front gate, visitors often describe feeling a higher dimensional vibration and energy, a spiritual experience. This rare, pristine, unique and valuable water will wake up that "healing feeling" within you.

People come from all over the country to experience the therapeutic hot soaks in pure spring water. Water is heated using a wood stove and drained into the tubs - rustic tubs - horse troughs. Rustic but silky smooth and extremely comfortable. The temperature is set to your liking. Many soakers feel that the metal of the horse trough tubs provide an additional type of energy level that they enjoy.

At the ranch you can also get water direct from the source in your bottles at a discounted price or purchase our bottles and fill them up. The water comes out at 40 degrees F. and is the most enjoyable taste from the freshest source.

So come visit the Ranch for what our customers call the ultimate wellness experience.