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Living Water

The Wideawake spring is guaranteed to have the purest water from an ancient source dated at approximately 30,000 years old. The purest water, untouched by radiation, acid rain, nuclear fallout and trace minute water pollutants that exist in 90% of the world's water resources. The combination of age and purity results in water that has not been subjected to any impurities created by man.

Due to the incredible natural purity of Wideawake water, there is no rigorous purification process needed because there is absolutely no chemicals or contaminants to be removed.

Jock Bell, co-founder of Trinity Springs, stated, "There are only a handful of waters in the world that even come close to this water and WIDEAWAKE is definitely the purest".

Wideawake is a naturally structured LIVING water, which will give you MAXIMUM HYDRATION quicker, faster and with more efficiency than any other water. And it does it naturally. Wideawake water cannot be carbon dated because there is no carbon in it! The age is an educated guess based on what is not in the water and the rock formation it comes out of. The unique structure of the H2O molecule clusters make Wideawake Water the best choice for maximum hydration. This living water will make the cells of your body permeable again which will release many toxins and allow more nutrients to be absorbed.

The taste of Wideawake is so clean and refreshing that nothing needs to be added to enhance it's flavor. No oxygen, minerals, or restructuring of molecules will make Wideawake better than it is in it's natural state. Why drink a processed water with additives, when you can reap the benefits of an all natural water like Wideawake Water?