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The Real Gold of a Mining Town called Wideawake
(A Story of Discovery)

Did you ever think the gold miners in the late 1800's were looking for and discovering the wrong gold? Just like those hillbillies, the real gold just comes bubblin' out of the ground. I'm not talking about oil or gold or Texas tea but just plain water. Natural, pure, healthy and miraculous water. Mining for gold in this little town wasn't the moneymaking prospect most miners thought. Little did they know that 100 years later the water is the real gold. Discovering this water was a stroke of good luck. I was a 40 year old man with more aches and pains than you could imagine. But finding this water and testing it for purity was my salvation. Since I have been drinking it, I have no more pain, no more chiropractic visits and just Plain feeling good all the time.

So now the friends who are drinking it are giving it to their friends and testimonials are pouring in. Everything from kidney stone problems, to burns to pain relief. Everyone who has been helped definitely says the water is a key to their recovery. I know it sounds incredible but I feel that I have found my own little fountain of youth. I no longer feel like the old man I did before and really don't feel my age, I am younger, stronger and healthier than before. All because of my water...my gold...my Texas Tea...

Wideawake Spring
Charlie Morgan, Discoverer